Saturday, February 24, 2007


I teach in Gwinnett County and consider it to be quite conservative, particularly in terms of national politics. Nonetheless, the small town of Loganville on US 78 between Athens and Atlanta may now hold the record as the first city to run all its vehicles on fuel made right on its own doorstep. A young local businessman, Dan Maher, started a small biodiesel factory tucked inside a back room at his car wash. In March, 2006 Dan incorporated his business as Georgia Biofuels Corporation and the plant has expanded into space at the East Gwinnett Business Park.

Georgia Biofuels now fuels up vehicles for Gwinnett County, Eastside Towing, the Loganville Fire Department, Walton County School System and Excel Foundations. The business plan includes setting up turnkey operations in other communities and franchising them out. It is also planning to set up a pump, first at Dan’s Dirty Car Wash in Loganville, which is owned by Maher, and then possibly at several other locations.

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