Monday, April 16, 2007

Elections in Nigeria

All of the state governorships were contested this past Saturday, with relatively few incumbents running. This coming Saturday will be the presidential contest between the ruling PDP and rival Action Party and Labour Party candidates. Hopefully this will result in the first handover from one elected president to another since independence from Britain in 1960. Nigeria returned to democracy in 1999 after three decades of almost continuous army rule.

- Imnakoya has many recent links in his Grandiose Parlor

- 2plus2 posted the above photo at Nigeria Village Square, showing how "secret" ballots are being cast behind bushes at her polling place.

UPDATE (4/15): All Africa now has a state-by-state breakdown of what is being voted on. It will probably be at least a week before any firm results come in. Tom Ashby of Reuters is reporting problems with ballot distribution in some states.

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