Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Global Warming Guide to the 2008 Presidential Candidates

The following grades have just been posted on theclimateblog for the top three presidential candidates in both the Democratic and Republican Party races:

  • Hillary Clinton (D): B-

  • John Edwards (D): B+

  • Barack Obama (D): C

  • Rudy Giuliani (R): F

  • John McCain (R): C-

  • Mitt Romney (R): F

  • The grades are based upon each candidate's campaign pledges on energy and climate. Check out theclimateblog(LJ) or the climateblog(blogger) for the details. She finds that John Edwards has "the most detailed, diverse, and goal-oriented plan" although he is graded down for an "emphasis on ethanol and agricultural biofuels." The lady has high standards!

    P.S.: She responded to my post by bumping up most of the grades. They look right to me, although I have not looked at all of the campaign webpages in search of the positions like she has.

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    At 10:01 AM , Blogger The Climate Blog said...

    Thanks for the link! People can also check out my blog at:

    It's a little more user-friendly (and nicer looking!) for people who use Blogger.


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