Saturday, January 12, 2008

R. I. P. Cayle Bywater

Cayle was my neighbor, I believe, when I lived at apartments on West Hancock Street before I moved down here to Valdosta. She must have moved out of those apartments last fall, however, because the news stories report her going missing from a house on South Milledge Avenue near Memorial Park. I was actually called by a reporter a little after the first of the year, and I do recall both her and her dog. She impressed me as an energetic and spirited young woman.

Cayle's body was found yesterday in the lake at Memorial Park. That lake had already been dredged at least a week earlier, but apparently they missed the body then. The Athens coroner reported no evidence of a violent struggle. We can comfort ourselves that Cayle may not have had to experience the sort of violence and terror that were the fate of her fellow UGA grad, Meredith Emerson.

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