Sunday, February 24, 2008

Larry Sinclair deceptive

The picture at left is of a fellow called Larry Sinclair, a gay man who claims to have enjoyed a night of debauchery with Barack Obama in November, 1999. Allegedly, Barack received a blowjob from Sinclair and purchased cocaine for both of them somewhere in Chicago, Illinois. Even more surprisingly, I think, Barack is supposed to have come back two days later to visit Larry Sinclair in his hotel room where they both again engaged in sex and cocaine use.

A polygraph test administered by Ed Gelb, a top polygraph expert, indicated that Mr. Sinclair was being deceptive in his story regarding both the sex and the drug taking. In taking this test, Mr. Sinclair claimed a reward of $10,000 from Dan Parisi of the blog The full report on the test is to be posted later this afternoon. Another expert is also going to review the test results to verify Gelb's finding of deception on the part of Mr. Sinclair. It looks like Barack Obama has dodged a bullet on this one, although I suspect that he and his wife Michelle have been having some long and serious talks about how best to detail with overly affectionate and potentially delusional supporters on the campaign trail. We do not need another den of debauchery being set up in our White House if we vote in a Democratic administration.

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At 9:51 PM , Blogger george.w said...

I am starting to think I won't vote for anyone who has NOT admitted to a night of cocaine-driven gay debauchery. Heh - just kidding.

In other news, I have tagged your blog as 'E' for Excellent... /offtopic

At 5:32 AM , Blogger Don Thieme said...

@george.w - Experience is very important, of course.


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