Friday, August 01, 2008

Tredegar 12 Sentenced

Ten of the 12 activists known as the "Tredegar 12" were sentenced this past Tuesday, July 29th to community service in Richmond, Virginia. The Tredegar 12 blocked the headquarters of Dominion Resources on Tredegar Street in Richmond back on June 30th. My post about this has attracted some attention, because I grouped it with other incidents which are being referred to as "ecoterrorism" by U.S. law enforcement. Detailed coverage of this incident by local bloggers Beth Wellington and Sparki was primary source material for my initial post. One of the activists, Marley Green, also has a blog called The Small Axe where he has written about his experience at trial.

I used a photograph in my original post which was taken by Hilary Lufkin. It was not my intention to use the photograph without credit.

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