Monday, September 29, 2008

Sali Grace Ellier update

Omar Yoguez Singo, an artist, has been arrested in Mexico City after confessing to the murder of Sali Grace Ellier. The two best sources for news on this incident seem to be Kristin Bricker at NarcoNews and La Jornada, which is published at UNAM in Mexico City. There is no coverage in commercial newspapers or on television in Mexico as there has been none in commercial media here in the United States.

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At 9:40 PM , Anonymous Kari said...

What a tragedy...and we complain about such trivial things...eye-openingly sad.

At 4:05 AM , Blogger Confluence City said...

That's not true, it has received media coverage in the U.S. cities associated with Sali's parents, among other spots.

At 5:32 AM , Blogger Don Thieme said...

I think that there was a lack of coverage at the time that I wrote this, only a few weeks after she went missing. I have not followed up on this story since then myself.


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