Thursday, November 13, 2008

Africa-gate, Plumber-gate, and Martin Eisenstadt

Many bloggers, myself included, have fallen for a hoax! Martin Eisenstadt, pictured above, was believable as a Republican foreign policy expert, pundit, and lobbyist given the doings of the party in power during the past eight years. Whoever has been perpetrating the hoax finally went overboard, however, when claiming to be the source of the leaks to the press about Sarah Palin's knowledge of Africa.

I posted a You Tube video in which "Eisenstadt" described a purported effort to start a casino in the Iraq Green Zone. The same video had been posted previously by Raed Jarrar. It is still being hosted by "asukajunk," a Japanese blogger, as well as by "youkaysam."

So here is a tip of my hat to "Martin Eisenstadt" and "youkaysam" for keeping political discourse lively and entertaining.

Addendum, 11/13: Independent filmmaker Eitan Gorlin has been "outed" as the real man behind
"Martin Eisenstadt" the wizard. The story ran in the New York Times as well as online at Huffington Post and Guanabee.

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