Thursday, January 07, 2010

Nigerians subject to special scrutiny

The United States has placed Nigeria on a list of 14 countries whose citizens will be subjected to full body searches, electronic scans, and intensive interrogations at airports. A panel of experts interviewed by Al Jazeera agree that the new policy is both racist and unlikely to prove effective in preventing Al Qaeda terrorist actions. Commentary and analysis from blogs and mainstream media will be added below as they appear today (January 6th, 2010):

Dora Akunyili spoke out on the issue in Abuja yesterday (January 5th). Today, she was interviewed on National Public Radio by Steve Inskeep.

Juan Cole has a lengthy analysis inspired by the Al Jazeera story at his blog, Informed Comment.

In African Loft, the story "Nigeria Makes US Terror-Nation List" was first posted on Monday, January 4th and already there are four comments. The caretaker of the African Loft, in his Grandiose Parlor, foreshadowed the current events with his post "Now a terrorist nation?" back on Christmas Day of 2009.

"Nigeria now on Teh List" observes Loomnie in a post padded with significant links.

"US discriminating against Nigerians unfairly" is one of those thingsifeelstronglyabout for Anengiyefa.

The Sahara Reporters' Babtunde Ayeni asks today (January 6th) "Who is afraid of 3d scanner and America: the poor and obedient Nigerians or their rulers?" Mr. Ayeni echoes a common sentiment among Nigerians that the discriminatory treatment by the United States is the fault of a corrupt political system and an inffectual and ailing president at home.

Along the same lines, Chixta asks for "Rebranding" to keep this from happening again.

A comical take on the controversy from EVCL, a creative design studio based in Abuja -

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At 4:41 PM , Anonymous imnakoya said...

Don, the link on Dora's interview on NPR goes to Aljazeera. Pls check.
Thanks for the links.

At 8:54 PM , Blogger Don Thieme said...

@imnakoya - Thank you for catching that!


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