Thursday, August 05, 2010

Obama Target Game

The above crude likeness of President Barack Obama was featured in a carnival game called "Alien Attack" at the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Big Time fair in Roseto, Pennsylvania. As the child is doing in this photograph, carnival visitors were rewarded with stuffed animals and other trinkets for their aim in firing a toy plastic gun at the president. The inspiration evidently came from "Tea Party" politics in that the caricature poses the president with a scroll labeled "Health Care Bill" in his right hand.

The original story on this appeared in the Express Times of Easton, Pennsylvania. The story broke nationally through The Morning Call and the British newspaper The Guardian. I first read about it in a piece at The Huffington Post authored by AP Reporter Michael Rubinkam. A company called Goodtime Amusements ran the carnival - 320 Willow Road, Hellertown, PA - - 610-554-7425 - Fax 610-838-2549

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At 10:21 AM , Blogger Stephen Bess said...

I try to look at some of the things I see about President Obama has political satire. However, much of it comes out as hateful and proof that America has many miles to travel when it comes to prejudice and hate. All I can do is pray.


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